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Yoga, Education, Healing & Guidance with Olga Laporte

According to Yoga, Sattva is one of the three qualities (gunas) that characterize our nature or material existence. It is the quality of balance, harmony, peace, wisdom, virtue and goodness. It is light and luminous in nature as it possesses an inward and upward motion and brings about the awakening of our higher nature.

Sattvic Path is dedicated to offering spiritual tools, inspiration and support to help one to get firmly established in spiritual practice, to have greater understanding of spiritual process, to open themselves up to healing, to attain greater self-awareness and to bring more well-being, meaning and harmony to one's everyday life.

Olga is committed to serving others through providing comprehensive approach to yoga, offering authentic yoga education, facilitating healing, contributing guidance and supporting those seeking a path towards loving spiritual connection. 


October 16-20 & 23-17th, 2017 7-9am

@ Sage Yoga & Wellness

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